Results of my Homemade Deodorant “Experiment”

Deodorant Blog Post

Okay, so if any of my readers is curious… this first deodorant I made was a soft paste rather than a solid stick type, much like the brand Primal Pit Paste that you can see here.  To use this kind of deodorant, you have to be unafraid to touch the deodorant paste and rub in under your arms.  I know there are probably people out there who would be disgusted by this  but it didn’t bother me!  It’s not sticky or hard to wash off like most commercial brand deodorants.  Men might have an issue with this with their unshaven axillae (just shave ’em, guys!!).  Amazon came through today, so I’m going to make a stick or two of homemade deodorant today or tomorrow.  I think the main difference is the addition of beeswax to the ingredients.  Keep in touch to see how experiment #2 turns out!







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