volcanic earth skin care (1)

Vanuatu is a small island nation of 83 separate islands near the “Pacific Ring of Fire” between Fiji & New Caledonia.  It sits about 1400 miles east of Australia.  One of the volcanoes here, Mount Yasur, is the most accessible active volcano on earth.

This nation’s culture goes back thousands of years and is connected with the natural world.  Vanuatu is known for its beautiful waterways, sandy beaches, and crystal clear waters.  This “untouched” paradise is virtually free of pollution, pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and insecticides – so the crops are grown organically and thrive in the mineral-rich volcanic soil.  The people of Vanuatu, called Melanesians, are sharing their natural skin care secrets with my customers

Volcanic Earth® helped the Melanesians open up global markets for their unique skin care products that contain virgin coconut oil, volcanic ash, tamanu oil, and essential oils.  People in Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Greece, Singapore, Dubai, Sweden, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan have fallen in love with Volcanic Earth® products and I’m bringing them to you!!  There are only a few suppliers so far in the U.S., but with the public being increasingly aware of harmful chemicals in EVERYTHING and embracing toxin-free organic products like these I’m sure demand will soar.  Increased demand = increased prices, so get yours now!


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