Those of you who know me and have seen my recent posts on Facebook know that I’m a mom, a  nurse, and a new entrepreneur.  These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity…

  • I’m a full time infusion nurse & a part time vascular access nurse
  • I’ve built 2 websites with zero training or experience (just lots of trial & error)
  • I’m trying to be engaged on Facebook, and set up a separate page for my business there
  • I joined Twitter today (@botanichl)
  • Botanichl is in the process of getting wholesale agreements with several suppliers of organic, artisan-crafted, etc. skin care products

orange flower2

…in other words, I’m putting everything I’ve got into becoming a successful entrepreneur.  I really, really just want to expand my ability to help people by combining my nursing expertise with aromatherapy.  But I want MORE THAN JUST A WEBSITE that sells other people’s stuff (though it is great stuff).  My goal is to open an aromatherapy store where I can engage with people face-to-face – recommending products for specific conditions/problems/benefits, teaching others how to use essential oils safely, offering in-person workshops to show others how to make their own aromatherapy products, and providing one-one counseling sessions.  This is why I set up a GO FUND ME page.  Every business needs capital for startup costs, and I need your help to get Botanichl, LLC off the ground.  There’s no other place like this in the Charlotte metro area so contribute today and be part of this one-of-a-kind startup in the Queen City!


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