Did I mean ammunition?  Kinda, but this is ammo for your immune system.  The best way to fight illness is to not get sick in the first place!!



There are many plants that can help boost our immune system, and we can get these benefits in several different ways – eating herbs & spices (with our veggies, of course); drinking herbal teas; making sure we have the right vitamins, minerals, and probiotics for our immune system to function; using herbal formulations such as tinctures, elixirs, herb-infused honey, etc.; and through our olfactory system (smelling essential oils).

Immunition helps you get plant benefits 3 different ways!

  • Elderberry extract – elderberry is probably the most sought-after medicinal plant in the world.  The extract I am offering is certified organically grown in Europe (Bulgaria, Poland, and Albania).  Elderberries are packed with nutrients, including vitamin C, antioxidants (phenolic acids, flavanols, anthocyanins).  Best of all, elderberries can actually stop viruses from replicating, which is bad news for the cold or flu you’ve been exposed to but terrific news for your body!  I’m including a recipe for elderberry toddy – but it doesn’t really have much taste so it’s okay to just add a dropperful to a small amount of juice or water.  I’ve been adding 2 dropperfuls to a large bottle of flavored water and sipping on it all day.
  • ProBiotic Immune Support – probiotics are awesome for lots of things, but not just any probiotic will work.  The various strains of probiotic bacteria tend to be condition-specific (the ones that are heart healthy might not help with mental wellness all that much).  Pure Encapsulations® Probiotic IMM is specially formulated to help boost eye, nose, and throat health while supporting overall immune system function.
  • Anti-Bac/Vir essential oil blend – this immune-supportive & bacterial-fighting blend is perfect for diffusing!  It’s a combination of quite a few essential oils that would cost a fortune to purchase separately:  black pepper, cypress, eucalyptus, geranium, lemon, marjoram, myrrh, peppermint, ravensara, rosemary, tea tree, and white thyme.
  • Diffuser Necklace – see below pictures for styles available.  All you do is add 3-4 drops of the included essential oil on the felt pad and wear it all day for protection against germs!  Essential oils are powerful enough to circulate in your blood stream just by smelling them.. that’s how the olfactory system works.
  • Hand Cleanser Spray – this custom-made hand cleanser uses the power of essential oils to kill germs.  This is not recommended for use by healthcare workers, as a minimum of 62% isopropyl alcohol is usually a requirement for healthcare-grade hand sanitizer and this one has zero.  It is safe for children (use a small amount to check for skin sensitivity first).  THIS PRODUCT CONTAINS ALOE.  Essential oils in the blend are lavender, balsam fir, ravintsara, tea tree, and peppermint.




immunity wellness kit

Each kit comes with your choice of diffuser necklace – quantities are limited & will be first-come, first-taken. Each necklace comes with several felt pads in various colors. Elderberry extract is alcohol-free. Email me at with your necklace selection (hover mouse over photo & email me the letter, A-H).


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