Coming Very Soon!

I’m so excited to be working with “old” and new companies so I can start offering products again! Life has been a little bumpy the last couple of years – new job, new manager at my new job, my kid enlisted in the US Navy, my other kid moved in with me to go to college, going back to massage therapy classes, new residence, reorganized by business from an LLC to a sole proprietorship – WOW that’s a lot when you put it all in one sentence. I’m sort of settled in my new place (long term this time hopefully!) and I have less than 2 months of LMBT classes to go so I’m ready to ramp up this website again.

This is the list of brands I’ll be offering soon:

Pompeii Street Aromatherapy (essential oils, aromatherapy, soap, lotion, etc.)

Orignial Swiss Aromatics (essential oils)

Monq (“therapeutic air”)

HerbPharm (herbal extracts)

Pure Encapsulations (holistic health & functional medicine supplements)

Additional brands that I’m still working on: Starwest Botanicals (herbal capsules & extracts, essential oils, skin care products); Florihana (essential oils & skin care products); Lunaroma (aromatherapy)


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