About Me

I am a registered nurse who…

loves helping people, wishes I could do more, tries not to take life too seriously, feels driven to make an impact, probably works too much, believes in the power of positive affirmations.

By the last quarter of 2021, I’ll have some important new “alphabet soup” attached to my name – LMBT (Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist) and CHAP (Certified Holistic Aromatherapy Practitioner). I haven’t decided EXACTLY what I’m going to do with all this yet, but I know in my soul that it’s the right path for me. Botanichl, LLC was deactivated for a while due to time constraints on my part, but it’s up & running again now and I’ll be adding new content soon. Of course, I am still working 2 jobs, attending massage therapy classes in-person, and completing my aromatherapy advanced certification online so “free time” is a laughable concept but I’m going to try! I am working on suppliers for herbal tinctures and essential oils so I can offer my clients great prices on the best quality products available. I still have a relationship with Pure Encapsulations supplements – one of the highest quality lines of vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements available. I’ll create some blog posts about their products to start the research process needed to make an informed decision. I’ve also gotten quite a lot of questions about stress and anxiety lately (jeez, I wonder why with 2020 being such a calm, almost boring year!) so my next blog post will definitely be about that.