Sherri Bentley, RN, CA

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  1. Karen says:

    Looking forward to seeing more. I tried all natural deodoeant years ago. Can’t remember the brand but it was the “salt” kind. Worked good as far as keeping me smelling nice; however, my underarms stayed wet. Reading your info makes me want to see what’s out there now. Thanks

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    1. botanichl says:

      I remember using one that was a solid crystal.. I think it’s actually called Crystal Deodorant. I had to wet it with water then rub it on. If I recall correctly, it didn’t work that well. I don’t like to stink!! The homemade stuff I made is working so far (of course, that’s just yesterday & today). I’ve tried several “natural” and “aluminum-free” deodorants. Some of them work fine, but certainly not all. I have realized that I don’t need my arm pit to smell like fruit, flowers, or fake ocean/powder/fresh scents.


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