Welcome to my site!  Starting a website is really hard work…. and I thought being a nurse was challenging!  Persistence pays off, though, because you’re here.  I’ve been working on this site for weeks, yet it still isn’t quite what I want it to be so visit often to see how it evolves.

My purpose here is:  to share information about alternatives to the chemical-laden skin care products found in department and discount stores, to discuss evidence-based benefits of essential oils and aromatherapy, and to educate my readers about why and how to use essential oils.  I am not selling any MLM (multi-level-marketing) brands of essential oils, nor am I passing judgment on anyone who does.

I purchased my first essential oils a little over 2 years ago.  At the time, I knew almost nothing about aromatherapy.  I copied a few “recipes” from the internet which led to minimal success with accomplishing my goals.  I kept at it, eventually finding and reading books and blogs that discuss evidence-based uses for essential oils and how to achieve the outcome you want with them.

A nurse helps people, right?  So I’m here to help as many people as I can.  Check out my BLOG page & share my website with everyone you care about!