Coming Soon!!!

Botanichl, LLC introduces its new PETALS & SYRUP line of wellness products available for purchase soon
Kit includes high bioavailability magnesium & zinc supplements, SleepWell essential oil blend,
Skullcap Tincture (regular or alcohol-free), and a custom-made trial size soap or bath salt.
Kit includes Kava Extract & recipe, SeroPlus supplement, B-Well essential oil blend, a diffuser necklace,
and your choice of handmade bath salt or shower bomb.
Kit includes Elderberry Syrup (regular or alcohol-free), Anti-Back/Vir essential oil blend, custom-made hand cleaning spray,
ProBiotic Immune Support supplement, and a recipe for elderberry toddy.
Kit includes herbal Soothing Throat Spray, Salve-ation Chest Rub made with essential oils & no synthetic/petroleum ingredients, Cold Buster essential oil blend with honey & instructions for using the blend internally, and your choice of handmade shower bomb or bath salt.

Botanichl is excited to bring you these wonderful wellness kits! We’re working out the final details and will make them available for purchase online or in-person soon (hopefully I can figure out how to set up this square payment thingy!). The herbal and vitamin/mineral supplements I am offering are available only to health professionals, have higher bioavailability than most supplements you can purchase at your local pharmacy or box store, and some are crafted in small batches by certified herbalists and naturopathic practitioners. I also use only top-quality, independently tested essential oils that are ethically sourced from around the world. Whenever possible, I purchase my ingredients & finished products from small-batch artisan crafters to support small businesses like mine.



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