New Horizons

I’ve sort of been “in a funk” for the past year. Working 2 jobs can be really difficult sometimes, especially when you don’t have a “sanctuary” to go to when you’re not on the clock. I was living in a place that just wasn’t HOME. Fortunately, I moved in May to a new place and everything is better.

What does “new horizons” mean? I’m not 100% sure yet, but I just started massage therapy school last week so I have just over a year to figure that out. My answer when asked what my goals are for becoming a massage therapist was, “There’s a group of people in the world that I’m supposed to help, but I’m not quite sure who they are yet.” I have about 14 months to focus on learning how to combine being a nurse, aromatherapist, and massage therapist to positively impact health.

This is going to be great! Hopefully I’ll be able to find time to document my journey. And, thank you ahead of time to all of my wonderful friends and family who support me in my ever-evolving pursuit of purpose & prajna.

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